Character Profile: Nurithia


  • Human Female
  • Sith Warrior – Marauder (??)


Nurithia has been groomed for something more.  What that is unknown at this time.  Nurithia was born to Lord Vahm  and Lady Narthura, Sith lords who govern a small province on Ziost.  Nurithia’s Force sensitivity did not show up until her adolescent years, but her father took the time to make sure her swordsmanship and blade-work were on par with even the most skilled fighter, before sending her to the Sith Academy.

There are rumors that Darth Marr is looking for an apprentice, and its believed Nurithia is the likely candidate.  However, there are some members of the Dark Council who have been looking at Nurithia as a potential replacement for the current Emperors Wrath, Darth Kain’haru who has been off doing his own thing and not paying attention to the whims of the Dark Council.



Nurithia was originally created to finish up some Korriban and Dromund Kaas achievements.  However, I couldn’t delete her after getting the achievements, so she is currently not being used.

That being said, I do like the brief back story I came up with for her, and it does open a possibility for future enhancements.  For example, what if all of the above, minus the history part, is taking place in the weeks leading up to Vitiate destroying Ziost?  And Darth Marr IS looking for an apprentice, but the Alliance stuff has kept him busy from this search.

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