Knights of the Fallen Empire Wrap-up

Going back to the analogy that Bioware was trying to use TV show cues in Knights of the Fallen Empire, season one was put together really well.  I’m not even mad that there were several loose ends, especially with major plots.  I do believe they will be mostly wrapped up in season 2, or be there for a longer term story arc.  Yes I’m seeing a season 3, 4, and 5 possibly.  So here’s just some thoughts regarding different things about KOTFE.

  1. Regarding Senya and her actions, going back to the cutscene on the Gravestone, and the one in the next chapter in the sewers, its easy to see that she still loves her children, and would do anything to help them see the error of their ways.  Senya blames herself for leaving when she did, and not trying harder to undo what Valkorion was doing to them.  You can even see this effect on the children, as Vaylin says something like, “you left us.  you left me…”  So it was no shock to me then to see Senya trying to save Arcann, believing that she could undo all of the harm that Valkorion did to him.  In fact, I used the conversations with Senya, and the final confrontation speech with Arcann to determine which option I picked, because for me, thats what made the most sense.
  2. Regarding Vaylin and her motivations, I think Valkorion did the most damage to her, whether intentionally or not.  Valkorion can sense Vaylin is very powerful, and yet, based on the Sacrifice trailer, he was more worried about training Thexan and Arcann as his heirs.  So Vaylin could definitely see this as a slight to her, and going back to the above sentence regarding Senya, she could have felt very alone and vulnerable.  So Vaylin starts building walls, and and learning her own manipulative techniques based on what she witnesses with Valkorion and her brothers.  The attack on the 5 worlds cutscene, watch how Vaylin manipulates that.  Plus there are several other key cutscenes, including chapter 16, where her manipulation of Arcann is what is driving the events that are taking place.
  3. In regards to SCORPIO, even taking in the meta regarding how an Imperial Agent discovers her, and what the Star Cabal was using her for, her “training” of Vaylin has me a little perplexed as to a final resolution.  I can use the above statements to extrapolate that maybe SCORPIO has some insight into Vaylin’s upbringing and what little affection was shown to her from Valkorion.  Given what we see of Arcann and his actions, it may be possible that SCORPIO has an understanding that it was Vaylin pulling those strings.  But even with all the possibilities, SCORPIO’s motivations going forward are a bit puzzling.  Its definitely going to be interesting to see where this leads.
  4. I am perfectly okay with SCORPIO giving her “children” free-will, after all her whole story arc meta is this constant need to improve herself.  So when SCORPIO sees what is happening with the GEMINI droids, she makes a decision to help free them from what they’ve been programmed to do.  We see some of them leave, even receive a letter from someone claiming to see a GEMINI droid on Hoth.  However a bunch of the fleet stays, with SCORPIO as the one who controls them, not the Eternal Throne and the GEMINI Frequency.  With that being said, I am left wondering if there was an ulterior motive to this release.  Could SCORPIO be looking for who created her and the GEMINI droids, using the Eternal Fleet as a means to track them down?
  5. I have not seen the bad ending yet where the Gravestone is stolen.  However, I am hoping there is going to be some type of resolution for this event.  Because if there is not one planned, then it means the Gravestone is inconsequential to next season, and the mystery of who built it, as well as what is in the Dark Sanctuary is now loose ends with no resolve, and that would make me very angry.
  6. I’ve seen some comments regarding the maps used like in chapter 16, and as one commenter put it, “like rats through a maze.”  I can agree to a certain extinct the maps can make you feel a bit claustrophobic.  Its definitely a different feel than the vanilla starship maps.  Vanilla maps definitely had an advantage, and you could plan encounters and how to work on a group of enemies.  However, I do like some of the “ship guts” maps in KOTFE, because it does give a different feel to the map.  A perfect example of this, was the old 1984 mini-series “V” and “V: The Final Battle”, where the motherships were these clean craft from the exterior, but when Donovan and the others get into the heart of the ships, where the humans are being kept and such, its a darker feel.  I would love to see more of these types of maps in future content.  Oh look, here’s a vent, where does this go?  How will it help me to escape this pack of skytroopers, or angry Koth’s.

I know theres probably some things I’m leaving out, but these were some of the topics I wanted to get on paper first.

Overall, I am happy with the story and the possibilities of what Season Two has in store for us.  I know there is a Producer livestream tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to see if anything new is revealed, or if they give some hints as to what they were thinking behind some of the KOTFE story points.

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