Thoughts about Companions

As part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, several new and old companions have been released to be used in the players Alliance.  However, barring a few cutscenes here and there, a couple of missions, and a few Alliance alerts, there has not been any real interaction with any of our companions.  For me, this has been one of the biggest let downs of the new expansion.  Interactions with your vanilla companions was the biggest way to get to know them, their personalities, history, etc…  We’re missing that with the 4.0 companions.

And while it would tick off the people who have invested large amounts of credits and gifts to raise their influence level, I would still like to see more individual companion conversation missions, and maybe a few actual missions with those companions to help flesh them out more.

  • I know Theron Shan quit/was forced out of the SIS because of his secret military unit and Ziost.  And we certainly have been able to see him and his personality going back the Shadow of Revan prelude.  However, I would still like to see some more from him.  Maybe some conversations regarding his parents, and how that whole situation as progressed.  We still haven’t told him, at least from what I recall, about the training with Satele and Marr.
  • While Lana has been a primary speaker for most of the Alliance missions, theres still so much mystery to this woman.  As an Imperial, we become aware of her promotion into the head of Sith Intelligence at end of Shadow of Revan.  Republic players hear of this at the beginning of Ziost, if I remember correctly.  That’s it.  Again, we get some insights into her personality through different mission cutscenes and what not, but this woman’s history is still a complete mystery.
  • Koth is another one, where we get some idea of why he is rebelling against Arcann’s rule, a partial reason why Senya was hunting him, but that’s it.  There has to be more there.  He shows an overly zealous devotion to Valkorion, despite us repeatedly bringing up what the Vitiate side has done, and all we get was a “but he was good to us.”
  • In my opinion, Senya has been one of the more fleshed out companions.  We know of her regrets with the children.  We know she was in love with Valkorion at one time.  We know she hunted Koth as a traitor to the throne.  And thanks to the ending of chapter 16, we know she still believes there is hope for the redemption of her children.  But I believe there is still more there to discover.
  • I would like to see some better interactions between characters and the return of their vanilla companions.  Some companions when they return have given a brief summary of what they’ve been up to for the last five years, but thats it.  In fact the common thread for most of these companions, is that five years ago, they thought the Outlander died, and that was it.  I know romancable companions that you marry mention looking for you, but again, thats it.  So I want to see more there.
  • I want to see more interactions with vanilla companions that were not apart of our crews.  I believe Kaliyo in her chapter is the only one that has her personality fleshed out enough.  Jorgan, Gault, Vette, and T7-01 don’t have enough interactions for a player to determine why they should be joining your new crew.  So I would like to see some more insight into these other companions.  Maybe some mentions regarding their former leader, as we are made very aware that while you become the Outlander, that there are still other heroes who disappeared 5 years ago.
  • I want to have some more interactions with the Star Fortress companions.  We helped them blow up a bunker and destroy/maim the Star Fortress over their planet, but then that’s it.  I think it would be cool, maybe as a [WEEKLY] where you are required to help them, maybe through the completion of a Heroic, or some other type of interaction.  This could even be tied into the Conquest stuff, as it could be supplies  they require.  But most importantly, I would like to see some more insight into the companions life.  Other than Arcann invading their world, what motivates them?  Why do they stick around?  Are they continuing to look for more recruits to the cause?

I realize some of these ideas would require some major time and costs to implement, particularly regarding voice acting.  Personally, I would be okay with the Bioware choice list and paragraphs of text to read.  But I do believe there is an audience out there hungering for this type of content.  We want to get to know these companions more, than what is being given through the story content.  We want to see all of our companions more in cutscenes and missions doing things.  These last few chapters if anything have shown we can have additional companions involved in missions, even if we cannot control them directly.

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