My Top 5 Official SWTOR Songs

With Bioware Austin’s release of five new official songs, I decided to make a quick list of my top 5 songs that have been officially released for SWTOR.


5.  Dromund Kaas, The Seat of Power — This is a perfect song that gives an Imperial feel without being the Imperial March.

4.  Coruscant, The Capital — Like the Dromund Kaas theme, this is a perfect song that gives a perfect feeling for the seat of the Old Republic.

3.  Hoth, The Frozen Wastes — This theme creates the perfect feeling of a desolate wasteland.

2.  Alderaan, The Throne — The moment you land on Alderaan, your treated to this perfectly regal theme.

 1.  The Mandalorian Blockade — We were introduced to this theme in the “Return” cinematic trailer, and it helped perfectly to give the right feelings to the trailer.


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