KotET Thoughts So Far

There are probably going to be spoilers with this, so you have been warned.

  • I loved the different areas where you get to use a walker to blast through enemies, stomp on them, etc.  The problem however, is that once in the walker, there was no way to get out of it.  So a word to the wise, make sure your XP boosts are applied, buffs are applied, etc.  Oh, and if you happen to die, because you don’t have access to your class healing or med-pacs, you will start over in the walker.  The funny thing for me, was that the walker “tutorial” on Voss, had repair spots, but none of the other walker places did.
  • I enjoyed the mouse droid part, zapping sky trooper ankles, however found it ridiculous to be thrown out of that after interacting with each of the objectives.
  • I liked how you get to crash a party as a Zakuul knight, however, the puzzle part with the nodes required careful listening or reading to determine what clues were being given.  I had turned off my chat because people were revealing spoilers, so I had missed some clues as to what it was I needed to do.  So I ended up doing a lot more running around than was probably necessary trying to figure things out.
  • I liked going to Iokath, and found it kinda of creepy and cool, walking through the beginning areas that looked like a deserted town.  I really wish there was more to this planet, like maybe a daily area which would help reveal what was really going on with the planet.
  • I realize that the Sith Emperors dark ritual consumed all life on Nathema, I felt there should have been more structures left, like what he did to Ziost.  Again, I’m hoping more is done with the planet, as what essentially was a just a way to funnel the player underground, meant a lot of what remained above wasn’t worth seeing.  Although, I did manage to do some exploration just to see if there was any good screenshots to be taken.
  • The choice to help Vette or Torian was a tough one.  It took several minutes to really think through, because I had a gut feeling, one of these two would actually die.  So I got up, got a drink, a snack, and really tried to think through every possible reason for making the decision.  In the end, it came down to KotFE chapter with the Mandolorians, and a decision I made to save the, which Torian disapproved.  So I chose to save Vette, so Torian could go out in his blaze of glory.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and Vaylin just snapped his neck.  So while I got a letter later from Shae Vizla declaring that Clan Cadera’s reputation was cleared, it didn’t feel right that Torian was killed on his knees looking like he was begging for his life, instead of in battle.
  • Overall, I enjoyed what they did with the story.  For Taelitha my main, I let Senya escape with Arcann, despite all the bad things he did, as I wanted to trust Senya’s gut that Arcann could be saved.  Koth never left the Alliance because I did things to not majorly piss him off, like saving Zakuul citizens from the reactor explosion, which had the added selfish aspect of showing them that I was trying not to kill them, just remove their maniacal leader.  So going into this expansion, it was good to see the Senya hunch pay off, although there were a couple of cutscenes during that chapter, that had me scratching my head as to Arcann’s true intentions.  When he flies off in the shuttle, he has that, “I’m going to get you Outlander, and your little dog too!” face.  So it definitely had me worried that he was going to come back later looking to finish me off.  The final fights and setting in chapter 9 were amazing in my opinion.  I’m really looking forward to going through this chapter on other characters that have made different choices to see how it changes.
  • I did have a problem with the spirit of Vaylin fight, as it wasn’t clear at first, why I couldn’t damage her, but she was zapping me for lots of damage.  I was still playing gunslinger as a long range dps class, despite the skill changes which make it a close-up dps class now.  So after wiping once when I just gave up because the healing spirits weren’t coming fast enough, I looked to see she had a buff that reflected long range damage back to me.  This was the same buff she had on during the fight in the Dark Sanctuary which I didn’t realize at first was happening their either.  So I wiped in both fights to the same mechanic.  Anyway, realizing this I ran around the area during the Overload phase, and just plucked away at her when in melee range.  It was still a long fight, but I did feel better after the final fight against Valkorion.
  • And while I enjoyed how this expansion story ended, I did have a major bone to pick with the choices that were given.  From the very start of the Alliance stuff, going back to Shadow of Revan, I have always taken my role as the “savior of the universe”, as the only role I was to fill.  When KotFE started, in my head and through conversation choices I picked, I tried to make it very clear, that I wasn’t there to rule Zakuul or the galaxy, just save it.  So by the end of KotET, and multiple times where Valkorion says he wanted me on the throne, I felt that only having two options with neither feeling the right one for me was frustrating.  I took the peacekeeping one, because I definitely didn’t want to be an empress, but it felt like I’m still tied down as a “ruler” of Zakuul, at least in much as I’m tied to the Eternal Throne.
  • As far as the Galactic Command goes, I’m still a relative novice with level 6, but I have gotten two MK-3 pieces with set bonuses, bracers and boots.  Unfortunately of course, this means replacing my current augmented gear with the new stuff, which will have to be augmented to the new MK-10 level anyway.  I’m still not sure how much of the grind I will be doing.  The GC Rank 2 and 3 parts definitely feel more geared toward the hardcore people who would normally be doing group content on a nightly basis to progress anyway.  As for me, doing a few uprisings a week, or an Op or two will probably be it, so I am definitely okay with it taking a year to even crack the Rank 2 tier.  I have millions of alts to get to 70, and crafting to do, and other activities both in game and out.


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One Response to KotET Thoughts So Far

  1. Shintar says:

    There was no need for repair spots in any of the other walker bits because they all gave you an ability to heal to full almost at will! It was ironic that the “tutorial” was therefore actually the hardest, as it was the only one that didn’t have that option.

    As for what was going on with Iokath, don’t know if you saw, but if you did one of the bonus missions there you got several “history of Iokath” codex entries which explain it.

    I actually had the same thought about Nathema at first, but if you think about it it makes sense that not much of anything is left, seeing how the Sith Emperor’s ritual there actually happened several thousand years ago.

    There was certainly a lot of having to read tooltips going on if you didn’t want to get stuck…

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