Could Legacy Changes Have Been Made In 5.0

[Note:  I was originally going to post this a month before KOTET was released, but actually ran out of good ideas for additional unlocks.  So I wasn’t sure I wanted to post it then.  However, even if its a short list, I decided it might as well be posted.  Maybe it gets some people thinking about other possibilities.]

While I haven’t seen any data-mined from 5.0 that would suggest changes to Legacy, I have been pondering since 4.0 why there haven’t been any major changes?  For example, the highest Legacy level is 50.  Why didn’t this get increased to say 60 for 4.0?  Well the biggest reason I guess is that there is nothing else to really unlock once you hit Legacy level 50.  New characters can start with XP buffs of all kinds, ability to use mounts, etc…  So what else could there be in the game that could be unlocked?

One of the global unlocks I thought about could be a series, where you are unlocking additional decoration slots for strongholds.  Five strongholds, five unlock series, that could go as high as doubling the number of existing unlocks.  Of course this limit would have to be tested with each stronghold.  Based on the instance and load stress levels, I could definitely seeing it being implemented.  Either way, an ideal number of decorations could be found, if its not double the current decorations, maybe 50% more. I could see these unlocks as starting around legacy level 50 and going up.

What about the ability to unlock a special stronghold at legacy level 100, maybe our own space station?  Or maybe its lower, and the rest of the legacy levels are used to unlock each part of this special stronghold?

What about unlocking the ability to increase the NPC limits on strongholds?

What about unlocking some new features of the personal starship?  Maybe an ability to change its color scheme?  Or someway to change things about the interior, like changing the Dejarik Board on the smugglers ship to a regular table.

While I’m not sure how the leveling will occur for your Galactic Command rank, any type of experience could be buffed as a character perk, like the existing class, exploration, pvp, and space perks.

I’m not sure what else could be added as an unlock.  Any type of feature locked behind your progression could be seen as a cheap credit or Cartel Coin sink.  Obviously, like the Priority Transports and even the Companion Gift speed unlocks, you can have additional unlocks added when necessary.


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