Update 01/12/17

I wanted to put together a brief update of what I’ve been doing in game since the launch of KotET.

  • I’ve gotten several of my level 65 characters up to level 70 through various in game activities, such as flashpoints or story/planet missions, like Shadow of Revan stuff.
  • For Taelitha and several of the level 70 characters, I have managed to do some levels into the Galactic Command Tier 1 stuff.  I believe Taelitha is around level 24 now, and still just has the two set pieces that I got from the first three crates I had opened.  The interesting thing there is after looking closely at the set bonus effects, it looks to be for a gunslinger/sniper in the saboteur/engineering disciplines.  I have to look into this further.
  • I have been working on getting my main crafters to rank 600 in their skills, as well as getting other characters up to rank 600 in the different crafting and gathering skills.  I was primarily focused for awhile on getting characters with slicing up to rank 600 first, in order to try and get lots of the purple material needed for different modifications.
  • I worked on getting Taelitha decked out in 228 purples for the rest of her gear, besides the 230 bracers and boots.  I worked on creating a couple of fully enhanced legacy gear sets, two critical, two alacrity, and a tank set that can be shared between the rest of the characters.  I am going to probably change one each of the crit and alacrity sets, to a 230+ set, and start moving the set bonus modifications to these.  This will make gearing for characters I have been actively playing to participate in operations and veteran mode uprisings, without being a drag on the group.  In addition, I’ve upgraded several characters main and offhand items with 228 purple enhancements.
  • I have been enjoying the little routine I have been doing for nights I play as well.  I’ll jump on a level 70 character, run through planets heroics with the GC Daily bonus, maybe an Uprising or two, and then move on to something else, usually with another character.  While it is a bit repetitive, I think for now its the best way to accomplish what I have set for my goals, without hopefully getting to a burnout point.
  • I still have a couple of characters that I need to take through the KotET story.  The good thing here is they’re 70 now, so all of that bonus will go to CXP directly.

In regards to future plans:

  • Looking forward to the new Uprisings that will be coming with the 5.1 update.
  • Looking forward to hopefully a new operation later this year
  • I still have some character slots open, so always looking forward to new vanilla story leveling.
  • Hopefully there will be a new stronghold this year!
  • I am going back through my current strongholds and adjusting them with some of the new decorations I’ve received.


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