Where to go from here

According to this article from Massively Op, Bioware is definitely thinking about who the next big adversary could be for its players.  Who can top the Sith Emperor as the next major baddy to be challenged by the Outlander or the Alliance?  Whatever your opinion is on how Bioware finished the story of a character they created 15 years ago, its going to be a challenge to come up with a new bad guy that could rival the Sith Emperor as someone the players know they have to destroy.  And while I don’t have an answer to who should be the next major adversary, I do have some ideas on how to possibly get to point of revealing this new bad guy.

I do not consider myself a master wordsmith, and the stories I have told over the years, usually in Dungeons and Dragons games are full of tropes and over-used scenarios that people can see from miles away.  But I will take a page from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and a hint in the above article, and say the next major bad guy is someone we may have met before, but would love to see something new.  So here’s some thoughts on basically the next several expansions, including maybe the ending to the game itself, another 5 years down the road.

Expansion 6.0

  • Its been mentioned with the final cutscene of the KotET story, that the Republic and Sith Empire are proving to fall back into their old ways.  While I do believe this was initially meant to give a brief intro for the Uprisings feature, it could be used for the next expansion as well.
  • I want to return to the Republic vs. Sith Empire, but now there is also the Alliance as a third party, that could be looking to keep the peace in the galaxy, or one looking to exude its power over the rest of the galaxy.  I think this sets up a perfect conflict that could be used to set the scene for the state of the galaxy post-Eternal Empire.  It creates a perfect tension that could exist within each former government.
    • Groups within both the Republic and Sith Empire are not happy with the Alliance and the power it has, so they see it as a threat.  They are looking to bring back the order and systems they had before the Eternal Empire invaded.
    • Others within each government, could see the Alliance as good for now, but want to use it for their own benefit.
    • There is also a group looking at the Alliance as a dictatorship no matter what the Outlander says, and they’re pointing at the destruction of the 5 worlds from KotFE as the Alliance’s fault, or at least, the Alliance brought that destruction because they were fighting Arcann at the time.
  • Does the Jedi Council and Dark Council reform now?  Who do they align with?  Satele Shan is still in exile with Darth Marr’s ghost.  They mention something coming in a cutscene during KotFE, but do not reappear in the KotET story from what I recall.  So what is this ominous new thing?  I don’t believe it was Valkorion or even Vaylin.
  • Plus we still have missing companions, so how to handle them.  Its no secret for the Outlanders original crew that they are back, after all the news has been all over the holonet for the months that KotFE and KotET take place.
    • Risha for example could have gone back to Dubrillion and worked with the nobles who saw her reign as legitimate to try and fix the civil war that was happening.  This leads to a perfect reason to call on the Outlander for assistance.
    • Corso could have joined up with a resistance group against the Eternal Empire and is looking to get back into the heat of the action.  He could also be someone that can’t tell who or what the Alliance is really fighting for.
    • It would be interesting if Kira, Nadia, Ashara and a light-sided Jaesa found each other over the five year span and have been fighting the Eternal Empire invasion.  And because each of these companions had personalities of independent women, maybe they are not looking to rejoin other Jedi’s or Sith that do not think like them.  Maybe they see the Jedi Council and the Dark Council as problems.
    • Lord Scourge is an interesting companion because he could be like the SoR version of Revan, free of the Consular, he’s hunting down the Sith Emperor across the galaxy.  He could be someone that doesn’t believe the Sith Emperor is dead, and that whoever Valkorion was, he was an imposter.
    • After escaping the destruction of Asylum, Tanno Vik has maybe found his way back to known space and is looking to recruit a new gang.  They know of the Outlander and the resistance, but maybe he still sees that there is some money that could be made somewhere.  It may be that Andonikus or even Akaavi find their way into this gang.  If the Empire and Republic are still fighting each other, as well as fighting against the Alliance, it could lead to some opportunities for this new gang, which could lead to crossing paths again with the Outlander.
  • So who is the new main bad guy?  No one knows.  But someone is working awfully hard to destabilize any type of peace in the galaxy.

Expansion 7.0

  • The Alliance is teetering on the brink of dissolution.  Uprisings all over the known galaxy have meant a long state of war still exists.  While some planets are not mired in the conflict as bad as others, the people are still weary.  From Coruscant to Dromund Kaas to Zakuul, nowhere is safe from conflict.
    • New areas are opened on the capital worlds, reachable from new shuttles that are appropriate to level 80.  These are daily zones with some new heroics and daily missions.  Odessen is still considered the main seat of the Alliance, so there’s shuttles to each of the new capital city areas here as well.
    • It would be great if new phasing features could be used for other planets, so that visiting them while under a story mission, they could be changed and yes, old assets reused, but for new purpose.
  • The groups opposing the Alliance have become large organizations, and they’re still fighting their own governments.  They use their armies of followers to sow discord among regular citizens just trying to eek out their meager existences.
  • More companions could show up at this time, either aligned with one of the opposition groups, or independent.
    • Raina Temple has risen to the rank of Admiral in the New Sith Empire, the one that supports the Alliance, but is looking for its own powerbase.  Raina is seeing some disturbing trends with recent events, and believes there is a plot brewing to kill the Outlander.
    • Malavai Quinn joined the opposition group looking to topple the Alliance because he believes the Outlander ruined the perfect empire the Sith Emperor had created.
    • Elara Dorne is the leader of the new Havoc Squad, that is part of the Republic group that is working tightly with the Alliance.  The new Havoc Squad is spending most of its time fighting the armies of not just the Sith but the other Republic groups that are opposing the Alliance.  During a mission on Corellia, the unit is attacked before a meeting between the Outlander and a group of senators.
    • Whether the Outlander saves Tai Cordan or not, at some point after KotFE, Tai Cordan is killed.  It could even happen in the stuff for 6.0.  With the loss of Tai Cordan, Balmorra has once again fallen into a poor state.  Groups from all sides have set up bases there to try and take control of the Okarra Droid Factory and Balmorran Arms Factory which is currently under the control of the Balmorran Resistance led by Zenith and Doc.
    • After the events of Shadow of Revan, Republic SIS was left in turmoil, and a new Sith Intelligence was created.  During the invasion from the Eternal Empire, both of these intelligence agencies were essentially destroyed.  With information brokering for all sides fetching huge amounts of credits, several organizations formed for the purpose of information gathering.  One of these has risen to a powerful position amongst the others, and its lead by Mako.
  • So we have more conflicts in this expansion.  The leaders of various groups have either placed themselves as an ally or opponent to the Outlander.  But by the end, the Alliance is down to a core group again, with no large army to back it up.

Expansion 8.0

  • The Alliance and its army is no more.  Reduced to a core group of people, the Alliance is trying to figure out where their support went.  Enter in the two leaders of the main opposition groups to the Alliance, and the people who have made it their missions to destroy the Alliance.  Face to face, hologram to hologram, it becomes apparent to the Outlander why everything around them was destroyed.  But the revelation still has one more surprise for the Outlander — Darth Malgus returns, brought back to life through Sith alchemy.  But this does not seem to be the Darth Malgus the Outlander fought trying to remove him from the false empires throne.  But Darth Malgus has been building up his power over the last several years, while trying to stay out of the eye of the Sith Emperor, Darth Marr, or any members of the old Dark Council.
  • With the Alliance destroyed, the Outlander has to rely on its remnants to show the failed Republic and Sith Empire what these opposition groups have done, and how Darth Malgus is looking to enslave the galaxy.
  • The rest of the companions can be used now.
    • Several years after the Consular disappeared, while working on a new project, Theran Cedrax has an accident that causes Holiday’s memory core to be wiped.  After learning of the machine planet Iokath, he travels there under a research grant to try and bring back Holiday.  However, someone else has plans for the inventor.
    • After the disappearance of the Agent, Vector Hyllus tried to return to the Diplomatic Service.  However unrest and then the Eternal Empires invasion, forces him to make a drastic decision.  He formulates a plan to move the Killik colonies on Alderaan to a planet outside of the influence of the Republic, Sith Empire, or Eternal Empire.  However, someone else wants to use the killiks for their own devious purpose.
    • Satele Shan has been in exile for far too long.  While she wanted to help rebuild the Jedi Council and the training areas on Tython, theres been an ominous presence that has been keeping her distracted.  Recent events however, have leader her to believe she knows the identity of the dark presence, and theres only one way to stop it.
  • By the end of this expansion its revealed that the original essence of Tenebrae was trapped in the Sith Holocron once occupied by his father.  And he’s looking for revenge against the Outlander.  However something is still not right.  Are Darth Malgus and Tenebrae merely puppets for something darker and more evil?

Expansion 9.0

  • Darth Malgus continues the reign of terror he started in the last expansion, with Republic and the New Sith Empire fully in his sights to destroy.  Tenebrae however has other ideas.  And while he and Darth Malgus don’t see eye to eye on where this new partnership will lead, Tenebrae still has one goal to accomplish:  kill the Outlander.
  • Despite both governments seeing Darth Malgus and Tenebrae as apocalyptic threats to their worlds, the Republic and New Sith Empire are still locked in open warfare not only with the different factions trying to control each government, but with each other.  Resources are becoming scarce as well, with fleets and armies being built and then destroyed like matchsticks.  There is no longer a safe place for refugees to hide from the conflict, as any place that tries to become a sanctuary is brought into the war.
  • At this time, the newly reformed Jedi Council lead by Satele Shan, is looking to stop the galaxy spanning war, and put an end to Darth Malgus and Tenebrae for good.  Standing in their way is the Dark Council which has come out of hiding, lead by Darth Ravage, who has killed Darth Acina, believing Darth Malgus should be the new Sith Emperor.
  • The Outlander is looking for allies to take on Darth Malgus and Tenebrae, so there is some teaming up of Jedi Council, as well as the New Republic armies, and slowly planets are being taken back and liberated.
  • One moon however, Yavin IV is showing an increase in dark side energy, which is what has been felt by Satele Shan for these last several years.  The dark presence will finally make itself known, and all of the puppets will quake in fear.

Expansion 10.0

  • And who is the Dark Presence???  Something new, that has been hinted at with discussion of the light and dark side of the force.  Something that has been using all of the war and death to grow powerful.  Something unlocked on Yavin IV when Revan summoned the Sith Emperor.  And what does this new Dark Presence start doing?
  • It starts summoning Dark Lords of Sith from the past, and with the puppets Darth Malgus and Tenebrae, starts wreaking havoc on planets all throughout the galaxy.  Even planets that seemed to be liberated, will feel the impact of these resurrected Sith lords and the destruction they bring.
    • It wouldn’t be a party without some of the nastiest Sith lords being brought back, like Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Marka Ragnos, Ludo Kressh, Karness Muur, Darth Malak, Darth Kreia/Traya, Exar Kun, etc…
    • There should be at least one Sith Lord resurrected for each major planet.  Malgus and Tenebrae do no count toward this.
    • While it doesn’t need to be an Operation, maybe Flashpoint level, there should be boss fights, and they should have puzzle and fight mechanics that go well with the Sith Lord.
  • Two more individuals are brought back who have been Force ghosts for far too long:  Revan and Darth Marr.  However, its not the Dark Presence that has brought them back, its light side of the Force in an attempt to balance what the Dark Presence is doing.
    • We will finally get a proper ending for Revan, unlike the current, “oh lets unleash the Sith Emperor and then just vanish.”
    • There should be two Operation level sets of encounters here.  And because it may require use of old assets, let the Revan fight happen on the Foundry against Tenebrae, and let the Darth Malgus fight happen either in the Battle of Ilum or False Emperor.  However because its now an operation, more trash and better sub bosses would be required.  And do not bring back HK-47, no matter how much Eric begs and pleads!
    • In addition, because there would Operations for these, it might be good to have solo versions available as well, maybe to complete the story portion, that like the Revan fight in SoR, bring your companions along.  In fact, you should be able to pick most of them, except Lana and Theron.
    • In addition, Revan and Darth Marr are quest NPC’s who will act on their own, but will do special things when certain events occur.  Like if Tenebrae erects a force shield that the players need to figure out how to lower, Revan is keeping Tenebrae distracted or something.
  • And for the final battle against the Dark Presence, its similar to what has been described above.  Operation level setup in the Temple of Sacrifice.  Mini bosses could include avatars of the resurrected Sith lords, with a pre-final boss of Tenebrae and Darth Malgus together, weaker than before, and yes it means they escape from the operations some how.
  • And with that, the galaxy is saved for the next 3000 years, minus things like the New Sith wars and such.


And there you have it!  The next five expansions, and something I feel could lead them into a real maintenance mode until the servers shut down.

Obviously its not fleshed out to game bible details, but its a start.  And while I didn’t highlight new features added, things like the planet phases and multi-companion solo battles would be really cool to implement in my opinion, because it definitely opens up possibilities for what can be done.

So these are my thoughts and ideas.  Would love to see what others who may have been thinking about this have!

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3 Responses to Where to go from here

  1. Shintar says:

    Kudos for trying to look so far ahead and being creative with ideas for the still missing companions, but boy do I ever not want to see characters like Vitiate/Tenebrae or Revan come back yet again, lol.

    Also as a minor nitpick, at the end of KotET, Satele Shan is shown to be back on Coruscant, helping with rebuilding while exchanging meaningful looks with Jace Malcolm.


    • ceciltaru says:

      Wow, thanks for the heads up on Satele. I carefully watched the cutscenes on my first and right now only playthrough of KotET and don’t recall anything from it or from KotFE’s ending. Weird.
      Regarding why I included Revan, I just think the story ended abruptly. He gives the Sith Emperor what he needs on Yavin IV, and then pulls a Family Guy type ending, where the cities on fire, people are dead, and Peter says, “lets go home”. There’s no real closure to the character.
      And for me its similar with Tenebrae. Despite just the one playthrough so far, I have this almost apathetic view toward the KotET ending which has grown since completion. That was it? Thats the end of the most powerful Sith in the history of Star Wars? I’ve come to realize that KotET’s ending was rushed. I want to believe that all of the people making the wild speculation using the Zakuulan lore, they were actually on the right track. I feel that there was probably another Kot** expansion coming, or another 9 chapters of KotET that were dropped and the story rushed to completion.
      So thats why included both Revan and Tenebrae in my own wild speculation. I feel theres still more to them, and there should be something done to give proper closure to the characters.
      I will say though, after thinking about the part where having Revan and Darth Marr help as npc’s during those fight… Yeah, not sure what I was thinking there. However, they would still be back, even as force ghosts, and be integral parts of that “final” expansion.


      • ceciltaru says:

        This link was posted on reddit, and contains both endings for KotET, so spoilers obviously. So yeah, it shows Satele giving the glance, and either meh or furious with what is being said. at least, thats my interpretation, even with the advanced facial features.


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