Random Thoughts – 01-26-2017


  • I believe Uprisings were intended to be something quick and easy to jump into
  • I do not believe they were meant to take the place of Flashpoints or Operations
  • I believe they could be a great way to showcase boss mechanics, get people accustomed to the mechanics, like us filthy casuals taking up space in PUG operations in group finder.
  • I do not mind them reusing assets in order to create them.  If it helps them create some simple but memorable encounters, then great!
    • I had a weird feeling in Crimson Fang on Taelitha, since Port Nowhere was “my base of operations” before being frozen.  The specialized intro dialogue for smuggler was great as well.
    • I got to to the new Trench Runner uprising last night, and had a blast.  It was short and simple, not overly complicated and something perfect for a tactical style PUG
  • I do think the fact that med packs do not respawn on a wipe needs to be fixed.  Especially for an all DPS group, it usually leads to one or two more attempts at a boss, and then everybody quitting.  Even tactical flashpoints are more forgiving in this respect.
    • It feels like a punishment when the med packs do not respawn, while flashpoints have static med stations.
    • the Fractured double boss encounter especially feels unforgiving for an all DPS group, when there are only two med packs in that final area, and the possibility to get one shot from an Exterminate is there

Today’s Livestream

  • I’m not in the “make or break” boat, and won’t unsubscribe if I don’t feel like I’m being catered too
  • I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to be able to explore Iokath in more detail, and it looks like I will get that wish with the new daily area.  While the story will be focused on this new superweapon, I hope it will delve some into more of the history of this artificial planet
    • yes i know the technoliths were there, and they provided some interesting codex entries to read, but I still have a gut feeling there is something more here.  Something that could explain some of the great mysteries that exist in the Star Wars universe.
  • I love the fact that we are getting back to some Empire vs Republic drama, even if it is focused on who the Alliance wants on their side more.
    • It sounds like some interesting dynamics will be in place especially for the cross-faction appeal.  Like if an original Republic player decides to help the Empire side, or vice versa.
  • I like the fact that we are getting two companions back, even if its just based on your faction.  And it will be cool to see how they react to the choices made, especially if you are helping the opposite faction.
    • While the meta doesn’t exist for some of my Imperial characters in regards to Quinn and his traitorous ways, it will be interesting to see if he brings what I saw as an elitist or snobbish attitude into this new update, especially when dealing with none Sith Warrior characters.
    • I am interested to see if Elara will have any reactions or interactions with the other trooper companions, especially Jorgan.  Like it was cool to see the brief interaction between Scorpio and Kaliyo during KotFE, but it kind of went nowhere after that.  And so far there has been little reactions from most of the companions as they have been added to the Alliance mix.
  • I’m interested in this new operation, even as a filthy casual.
    • I am happy with the approach being taken, given the size of the current BWA team
    • If they take the feedback from the PTR and use it, tweaking the boss encounters appropriately, it could lead to a finely tuned Operation which would be a great thing
    • Obviously this will not bring most of the hard core raiders back, but I do hope it brings some of them back, that they see BWA is at least trying to get back to a balanced approach to releasing content.  If they can see it as an olive branch, at least its a step in the right direction.  However I still feel a bunch of raiders will wait until the whole operation has been released, subscribe and run it enough that they feel they have it down, and then unsubscribe and wait for the next one to be released.  And thats being optimistic.


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