Common Decorations #1

So I have been going around, looking at different planets, going through different buildings, caves, or outposts, looking for decorations that I think are common, and could easily be added to the prefabrication kit droids or to the basic decoration vendor.


The bounty board can be seen in a couple of places, including two places on Ord Mantell and Hutta.


While the canisters on a pallet was the primary decoration here, I still believe the forklift is needed as well, as its commonly seen in every hangar.


While I think they are a flag bearing item, these items are also seen everywhere.


These little generators or whatever are also seen in several locations.



These stacked crates or shipping containers are seen in several locations as well.


I believe this is an environmental item, something to control temperature maybe.  And of courses, they are everywhere.


These are located all over the place as well


I see these in most ships, usually Republic ones.  We need things like this, if not for strongholds, then for guild flagships.  They can’t all be floating bedrooms.


Like the banner thing above, I see these all over the place as well.


This is something else i see mostly on ships, but have seen in some planet buildings, such as a quest cave on Republic Balmorra.


Oh look, a shelf with a bunch of boxes on it!  We need more basic chelves with things on them.

We did get the ammo container (with the green dots) in a cartel pack.  We need these common large containers as basic decorations though.


The very basic computers are also found all over the place.

The next several pictures were taken on Iokath, but I still believe that these decorations should be added, although I have a sneaky suspicion if they are, they will be from Cartel Packs.


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