How I would Have Done KotFE and KotET – The Setup

So a few days ago, I responded to a thread on the official forums, asking if it was time to end the alliance.  I started to detail a way they could have done the Knights expansions, without turning the player into a powerful being, and making the story the ridiculous mess it has become.  I have decided to take these notes, flesh them out here, and make this the new head canon I will use for the remainder of the Knights story line.

Forged Alliances

I am of the opinion that the Forged Alliance and Shadow Revan story lines are good and do not need any major tweaking.  However, something that would occur while on Yavin, is that after the Revan fight, some of the ancient Sith spirits that were sealed away, have been freed.

One of these spirits, Exar Kun, for example, finds a way to possess an Imperial trooper, leaves Yavin, and stows away on Darth Marr’s flagship.  Exar Kun is looking for a way to Korriban in order to retrieve his special holocron which will allow him to return to his full powerful state.  However, Darth Marr’s flagship is not heading back to Korriban, and instead is searching for the Sith Emperor’s spirit.

While the events on Ziost play out, the Sith spirit realizes that the Sith Emperor could be its chance at returning to a powerful state, so it continues the charade on Darth Marr’s ship.

Vitiate is not Valkorion

One of the biggest missteps in regards to the story of KotFE/ET, was the early reveal that this beloved emperor of Zakuul, was actually the vile Sith Emperor, and this was his side project where he could be a good guy.  Here was one of the greatest villains in Old Republic history, the guy who created Darth Malak and Revan, who destroyed worlds in order to extend his life and power, and here he is in some unknown region, with his pet project Zakuul, where he is this benevolent ruler.  And while Charles Boyd had to come in a few months ago and give us their logic for creating this “twist”, it hasn’t set well with most fans, because it took a great villain with some depth, and turned him into a chump.

So I would not have Valkorion be Vitiate.  Instead, Valkorion is the former emperor of Zakuul, seen as benevolent by most of the people, however he ruled more as a dictator.  Most of the people, including some in his family, do not know what is actually going on during his rule.  He starts making plans to conquer some nearby systems in order help fuel the Eternal Fleet, but dies under some mysterious circumstances about five years before the events of KotFE.

The next person inline to rule is Valkorion’s oldest son, Arcann, who continues the plans set in motion by his father.  While Valkorion’s authoritarian rule was subtle, Arcann is more up front, and there are some people who start to resent him.  This leads to some rebellion by some of the Zakuul citizens, and Arcann becomes more compelled to rule with a tighter iron fist.

Valkorion’s other son, Thexan, is the leader of the Scions and is seeing the suffering brought on from some of the actions Arcann is taking.  However the Scions have seen that these actions are necessary, in order to bring on the next phase of life for the people of Zakuul.

Valkorion’s daughter Vaylin, is the current leader of the Zakuul Knights, a position her mother had held 10 years prior before her exile.  While she can be brash and a little hot tempered, she is not the psychotic individual portrayed in the existing stories.

Senya, the former leader of the Zakuul Knights, and mother to Arcann, Thexan, and Vaylin, has been living in exile on the planet Odessan, after she chose not to kill hundreds of Zakuul citizens who had started a riot in a market area, after some food supplies ran out.  While she did love Valkorion, she also believed that something had changed in him some time before her incident.  She is aware of Valkorion’s death, but not the circumstances behind it.

Game Systems

  • Level increases
    • KotFE would have still had the level 65 cap
    • KotET would have still had the level 70 cap
    • third expansion would have had the level cap raised to 75.
  • Companions
    • i would have still done the change from affection to influence, and kept the cap at rank 50.
    • I would have kept the change regarding companions being any role (healer, tank, dps) and kept their type (ranged or melee).
    • You don’t lose your companions at the beginning of KotFE either, however after the new rebel alliance is created, story line suggests that companions will be participating in missions.  So it could be possible to participate in some story missions with companions from other class stories.
      • So for example, the heist mission from chapter 13 of KotFE could still be possible, although you wouldn’t be getting Vette or Gault as a permanent companion afterwards.
  • Alliance Specialists
    • i would have kept the alliance specialists, but their rank would have been increased to 100.
    • i would tie alliance companion alerts to the rank of the specialist.
      • For example, Sana Rae is the Force user specialist and is rank 20.  Since there was no Dark vs Light event, you can get the alert to recruit Master Hexhid now.  At rank 60, you would get the alert to recuit Master Ranos then.
    • The specialist rank is also tied to vendors that are located in their area.  These vendors would sale things specific to that specialist, such as armor, weapons, mounts, toys, and decorations.
  • Alliance companions
    • While some new companions such as Thexan, Koth, Senya, and Shae Vizla will join you during the story, because they are necessary, you will also have the ability to get other usable companions that may or may not have been apart of your class story, as well as some new companions.
      • For example, Master Sumalee could be available as a rank 40 companion alert from Sana Rae.
      • Or Jonas Balker as a rank 60 agent type companion alert from Dr. Ogurubb.
      • This would allow some of the current Star Fortress companions as well to be added here.
  • The Galactic Command System
    • introduced with the level cap increase to 70, it is designed to reward players for doing daily activities.  it would be released with 3 tiers for level 70, and an additional 3 tiers when the cap is increased to level 75.
      • when the level cap is increased to 75, the new tiers of gear would cost the same as the previous set, including the fact that the tier 4 gear would not require a previous item.  this would allow boosted characters to still be able to gear without having to go through the previous 3 tiers.
    • while the data crystal change from KotFE would stick around, GC tokens would be rewarded for doing various things, such as Daily areas, Heroics, operations, PVP, flashpoints, and GSF.
      • there would still be a bonus activity for the day, that would give double the rewards.
      • the type of content and difficulty would determine the reward
      • so if we use the below examples of costs for tier equipment, i could see something like, a Daily area giving 10 tokens per completion, or a heroic giving 5 tokens per completion.  story mode ops could give 25 tokens, while veteran gives 50, and master mode gives 100.
    • these tokens could be used to get the newest tiers of gear for raiding or PvP, or for cosmetic things such as decorations, mounts, and toys.
      • for the gear and weapons, i would make it where the previous tier item is required to have in order to complete the purchase.
      • so for example, tier 1 chest piece costs 200 tokens.  the tier 2 chest would cost 3000 tokens and the tier chest piece.  The tier 3 chest piece would cost 10000 tokens plus the tier 2 chest piece.
      • so the grind is still there for progression raiders and pvp people
    • there might be a need for the legaccy perk or buff consumables still

So thats pretty much the introduction for how I might have done the Knights expansions.,  The next three posts will detail some of the story elements involved in each expansion.



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