Jedi Academy – Coruscant Stronghold

So when Bioware announced that as part of the server merge, it would be possible to have multiple instances of strongholds, and all of them active even if it would mean the player would be over the new cap of 10, I got to thinking of what I could do to make some cool looking strongholds that I could open for public usage, like for role-playing groups and such.  The first thing I had to do was to make sure I had at least one character on all of the servers that would make up Star Forge after the merge.  The second part wouldn’t get finished until server transfers were suspended last week, and that was to make sure I had unlocked the most decorations I could, especially Cartel Market ones, since I would have a temporary copy of them after they were placed.  The final thing was deciding what I could do with each of the 24 unlocked strongholds, which didn’t include the ones on my main server which are still set up for conquest.  While I have had similar ideas for some of the strongholds, I am working on different implementations to give them their own unique feel.

Taelitha’s Jedi Academy – Star Forge

While this is not a full Jedi Academy, its meant as a study place for older padawan’s and masters.



Here a Jedi padawan can learn the art of meditation, as well combat techniques, and lightsaber building.


Theres a classroom for students training to be Consulars to learn the art of diplomacy and galactic history.


Students have access to a wealth of knowledge that the Jedi have accrued over many thousand years.



In the main conference room, Jedi can learn from lectures that are given, or entertain foreign dignitaries who may be speaking on the affairs of their planet.




There are individual classrooms or meeting areas as well for Jedi masters and padawans to use.


And if you need to decompress after a long lecture and take in the scenery of Coruscant, the balcony gardens provide a perfect place to meditate and reflect.


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