Temple Ruins – Yavin Stronghold

The next stronghold I wanted to show off, is my first attempt at some Temple Ruins, using the Yavin Stronghold.  I have actually done this theme on three of the Yavin Strongholds, to varying degrees.  One thing I failed to mention previously, is I am not looking to get 100% completion with these strongholds either.  The Jedi Academy I showcased previously, was only 70% complete, and this Temple Ruins one is only 75% complete.

I will say in trying to come up with some good looking ruins here, there number of decorations that can be used effectively is rather small.  For example, we have a Yavin corner ruins, where the wall ruins?  Or we have one Yavin rubble decoration, why not another with some different rubble pieces in it. And while I am happy we have some really great working fountains and such, non-working varieties would be great too.

In addition, while the potted plants and trees are great for city areas or inside areas, we could use some more non-potted varieties as well which could be useful for outside scenes.  I found myself using lots of the Yavin Flora decoration because its not potted.

Taelitha’s Chamber of Truth – Star Forge


While I didn’t necessarily want this to be a Rakata themed ruins, this particular decoration is one of the best available for showcasing ruins.




Unfortunately, a lot of the interior pictures will appear dark because I didn’t want to use any of the lights because again, this is supposed to be a temple ruins.



Again, not necessarily a Rakata themed ruins, but the transporter is another really good decoration.  I wish for this one, there was a non-working variety.





Like the Yavin Rubble and Yavin Flora, I use alot of the Yavin Pottery decoration because its not tied to anything else.  You will see later, I like to use the pottery decorations on pedestals you get from Section X reputation, but because they are on pedestals, it makes them hard to place in some areas.











I really like the Voss decorations, especially the ones that can be purchased from the reputation vendor.  I just wish there was some more of sculptures and statues available.  There’s a quest, I believe for the Jedi Knight or the Sith Inquisitor, that occurs near the Temple, that has you interacting with some artifacts that are hanging on walls.  I would really like to see these things become available at some point.



I wish there were some more hooks available in the cave, not just on the floor, but the walls and ceiling as well.



A lone researcher getting ready to tackle the mysteries of this ancient temple.


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