Republic Library – Coruscant Stronghold

So I wanted to try and create a library where Republic characters could go and research whatever they wanted.  I like how it turned out for the most part, but would like to have some additional decorations that would help create something like this easier.  The good thing, is most of the decorations are purchasable from crafted components.

Taelitha’s Republic Sanctuary – Star Forge



I wanted to create a conference area of sorts where someone could give a lecture.


I like how this small area turned out with the archives.


This is the library core, where information is stored for later processing.


I wanted to have a place where people who are researching could go and decompress or continue to look over the stuff they are researching.


This is the main research area of the library.  I like how the archive decorations turned out in the squares, but would also like a medium decoration that did the same thing.  I know there is the Czerka Data Core and Mentor Processing decorations, but a decoration that looks like the square one above would be really cool.


This is an area where people can continue their research after getting a datapad, or sit and rest or read.


This room is used for military research, and is only accessible by members of the Republic military.


This area can be used to research Republic cultural subjects.


This area is used for researching Republic history and political subjects.


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