Marketplace Cantina – Nar Shadaa Stronghold

Something that I wanted to do since Galactic Strongholds were introduced, was to create an area where people would want to come and hang out, although at the time I was thinking more along the lines of my guild mates.  I still have some work to do with this one, I believe its only sitting at about 50% completion, but that doesn’t mean I’m wanting to stuff it to the brim with junk.  The items I place have to make sense.  I think what is still missing is more greenery, or at the very least, some holo trees, especially on the balcony area.

Taelitha’s Marketplace Cantina – Star Forge



I wanted to make the main entrance and the lobby inviting, and where some of the main shopping can be done.  If it was possible to have player run vendors, then this is where I would locate mine.


As for the small rooms off of the lobby, I wanted to have smaller areas to meet and hangout that were inviting, even to a Hutt or two.


As for the larger room off the lobby, I have the only food vendor decoration I was able to get, as well as two more item vendors.  Because we don’t really have any vendor personnel, except for the Rishi Trader which doesn’t make sense for my stuff, I’ve been using the Destitute Smuggler sense he at least acts somewhat like a vendor might.


Again, I wanted one of the large rooms to have an area where all types of visitors, including Hutts, could lounge and have fun.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of Golden Certificates during the last Nightlife event, otherwise I think I would have put down two of the dance floors here, as well as a jukebox, since we don’t have a cantina band decoration yet.


Of course, I also wanted a place for some games to go.  I’m still hopeful well get a Pazaak table at some point.  I like Sabacc table we have, but there are other games in the Star Wars universe as well.


And of course, another area for people to come and hang out in.


And like I said, while I haven’t done enough with the balcony to give it some charm, I do like what I’ve done around the door areas.


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