The Jedi Archives – Coruscant Stronghold

This stronghold was the original library I was working on.  However, it started to feel to centered around the Jedi, which is why I created the other one.  I am still working on this one as well, as I want it to truly feel like the place where the Jedi would store their most valued holocrons and treasures.

Taelitha’s Temple of Light – Star Forge


Like the other Coruscant strongholds, I wanted to convey a sense of warmth here.


This is one of the main archive areas, where Jedi can come to find information on all sorts of ancient secrets.


This is a smaller library where Jedi can come and look through ancient holobooks on all types of subjects.


This is the central data storage for the archives.  There is some redundancy in case of power spikes or EMP bursts that could destroy the data stored here.


Again, I wanted to present this as a place where all Jedi are welcomed.


This archive location can also hold Jedi Council meetings.  For example, after the Noetikons were found during the Jedi Consular story line, this location could have been used to discuss what to do with them, even though they were thought destroyed.  I still hope one day will get a decoration like that (Large hook), or the ability to recreate it.


While this is the Satele Shan commemorative statue, for the purposes of this archive, I am using it as a representation of Cala Brin, who is the patron of this location.


This room is used by Jedi archaeologists, looking for other Jedi relics or holocrons.


Jedi history can be researched here, going all the way back to the founding on Tython.


I mentioned redundancy when referencing the data storage area, well this is the backup room.


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