Could Legacy Changes Have Been Made In 5.0

[Note:  I was originally going to post this a month before KOTET was released, but actually ran out of good ideas for additional unlocks.  So I wasn’t sure I wanted to post it then.  However, even if its a short list, I decided it might as well be posted.  Maybe it gets some people thinking about other possibilities.]

While I haven’t seen any data-mined from 5.0 that would suggest changes to Legacy, I have been pondering since 4.0 why there haven’t been any major changes?  For example, the highest Legacy level is 50.  Why didn’t this get increased to say 60 for 4.0?  Well the biggest reason I guess is that there is nothing else to really unlock once you hit Legacy level 50.  New characters can start with XP buffs of all kinds, ability to use mounts, etc…  So what else could there be in the game that could be unlocked?

One of the global unlocks I thought about could be a series, where you are unlocking additional decoration slots for strongholds.  Five strongholds, five unlock series, that could go as high as doubling the number of existing unlocks.  Of course this limit would have to be tested with each stronghold.  Based on the instance and load stress levels, I could definitely seeing it being implemented.  Either way, an ideal number of decorations could be found, if its not double the current decorations, maybe 50% more. I could see these unlocks as starting around legacy level 50 and going up.

What about the ability to unlock a special stronghold at legacy level 100, maybe our own space station?  Or maybe its lower, and the rest of the legacy levels are used to unlock each part of this special stronghold?

What about unlocking the ability to increase the NPC limits on strongholds?

What about unlocking some new features of the personal starship?  Maybe an ability to change its color scheme?  Or someway to change things about the interior, like changing the Dejarik Board on the smugglers ship to a regular table.

While I’m not sure how the leveling will occur for your Galactic Command rank, any type of experience could be buffed as a character perk, like the existing class, exploration, pvp, and space perks.

I’m not sure what else could be added as an unlock.  Any type of feature locked behind your progression could be seen as a cheap credit or Cartel Coin sink.  Obviously, like the Priority Transports and even the Companion Gift speed unlocks, you can have additional unlocks added when necessary.


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KotET Thoughts So Far

There are probably going to be spoilers with this, so you have been warned.

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My Top 5 Official SWTOR Songs

With Bioware Austin’s release of five new official songs, I decided to make a quick list of my top 5 songs that have been officially released for SWTOR.


5.  Dromund Kaas, The Seat of Power — This is a perfect song that gives an Imperial feel without being the Imperial March.

4.  Coruscant, The Capital — Like the Dromund Kaas theme, this is a perfect song that gives a perfect feeling for the seat of the Old Republic.

3.  Hoth, The Frozen Wastes — This theme creates the perfect feeling of a desolate wasteland.

2.  Alderaan, The Throne — The moment you land on Alderaan, your treated to this perfectly regal theme.

 1.  The Mandalorian Blockade — We were introduced to this theme in the “Return” cinematic trailer, and it helped perfectly to give the right feelings to the trailer.


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New Feature: Design Your Stronghold

I don’t know if anyone has truly fleshed out something like what I am about to propose.  I know that there has been some really cool mock ups of different peoples ideas of future strongholds, like the really cool Manaan one.

Anyway, I was thinking this through as I was doing missions on different characters over the weekend, trying to get some things done.  Obviously none of the existing strongholds or locations would be changed or used for this.  And while I may include a price for things, it only reflects an example of what I could see, but it could definitely be flexible.


What I see is a map, probably as large as the Yavin one, and they’re based around the locations where they are placed.  For example, an Alderaan map may have a mountain nearby, or a Balmorran map is found inside a canyon.There may even be 3 or 4 maps per planet, each with its own unique structure hooks.  Each map has a base cost, which should reflect the number of structure hooks allowed, and not really the location.  I would make the starting map costs around 2 million credits, with would probably be 1 large structure hook, 2 medium structure hooks, and 2 or 3 small structure hooks.

Structure Hooks

Structure hooks are similar to decoration hooks, except they are used to place different types of structures, like a hangar, barracks, warehouses, or more.  For example, we are all familiar with the garage warehouse structure, its available for both Imperial and Republic on worlds like Balmorra, such as in the Sundari Plains area.  This would be considered a large structure, and would start at maybe two million credits to place.  So each structure has its own costs associated with it.  The small round house for example, could cost 250 thousand credits.  The larger house, with the basement, and loft type area, could cost 500 thousand credits.  Both of these houses would be considered a small structure.  I also see the simple warehouse as a possible structure, starting at maybe one million credits, which is the one like on the Imperial side of Quesh where the planet storyline and trainers are located.  I also see a base structure, nothing overly complex, but maybe along the lines of the Republic one on Ord Mantel or Belsavis, or even like the ones on Hoth.  These bases could range from 5 million to 25 million credits based on their size.

Structure Decorations

Each structure has a set amount of decoration hooks, and this cannot be changed.  Small structures would have something like 25 to 50 hooks total, which again is based on the houses mentioned above.  Medium size structures would have 75 to 200.  The large structures would have 200 to 300 hooks at least, again based off the large hangar/warehouse building.

Decoration Hooks

Each map would have a certain number of exterior decoration hooks, using the existing layouts.  In addition, there could be an option if you don’t use a structure hook, to turn it into a decoration hook.  For example, a large structure hook if not used could be designated as a starship size decoration hook.

Unlock Fees

This is the only thing I couldn’t completely figure out.  However, I was leaning toward no unlock fees, and rolling those credits into the overall cost of things.  For example, you buy a hangar building for 2 million credits, then the unlocking fee for use of the hangar is rolled into that cost.


Obviously the biggest concern I have with this idea, surrounds the amount of memory it could possibly consume per instance.  Currently, the strongholds are all the same, with the only difference being the decorations, so a base memory footprint always exists.  With the possibility of maps being used, with different structures on them, this could kill the idea as the instances would have to be independently maintained.  This could be accomplished by having it as a sub-only feature, where the subs pay an additional cost for the maintenance fees.  I see this with FFXIV for example, where additional retainers can be purchased up to a max, which is like 6 additional right now.  Because the retainer acts as an additional storage unit, as well as slots for selling stuff on the market board, this cost is seen as maintenance for these systems.  It could be the same for this designable stronghold.  I would prohibit the number of this type of stronghold to 2 per subscriber per server.  That being said, an ability to destroy a stronghold in order to build a new one, maybe on a different planet, would definitely exist.  In fact, recouping like 80% of the cost of the structures placed would be a helpful feature of this, so that subs wouldn’t think they’re getting screwed or anything.  It could be seen as a depreciation or cost of pixel labor.  The base cost of the map purchase however, would not be reimbursed.


Obviously this is just pie-in-the-sky dreaming at this point, since I don’t think Bioware are going to put much more effort in creating strongholds unfortunately.  There may be one more coming, not sure where though.  But the idea above would have been a great way to give the players some truly customizable strongholds that would have made the “Welcome Home” video really awesome.

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Thoughts about Companions

As part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, several new and old companions have been released to be used in the players Alliance.  However, barring a few cutscenes here and there, a couple of missions, and a few Alliance alerts, there has not been any real interaction with any of our companions.  For me, this has been one of the biggest let downs of the new expansion.  Interactions with your vanilla companions was the biggest way to get to know them, their personalities, history, etc…  We’re missing that with the 4.0 companions.

And while it would tick off the people who have invested large amounts of credits and gifts to raise their influence level, I would still like to see more individual companion conversation missions, and maybe a few actual missions with those companions to help flesh them out more.

  • I know Theron Shan quit/was forced out of the SIS because of his secret military unit and Ziost.  And we certainly have been able to see him and his personality going back the Shadow of Revan prelude.  However, I would still like to see some more from him.  Maybe some conversations regarding his parents, and how that whole situation as progressed.  We still haven’t told him, at least from what I recall, about the training with Satele and Marr.
  • While Lana has been a primary speaker for most of the Alliance missions, theres still so much mystery to this woman.  As an Imperial, we become aware of her promotion into the head of Sith Intelligence at end of Shadow of Revan.  Republic players hear of this at the beginning of Ziost, if I remember correctly.  That’s it.  Again, we get some insights into her personality through different mission cutscenes and what not, but this woman’s history is still a complete mystery.
  • Koth is another one, where we get some idea of why he is rebelling against Arcann’s rule, a partial reason why Senya was hunting him, but that’s it.  There has to be more there.  He shows an overly zealous devotion to Valkorion, despite us repeatedly bringing up what the Vitiate side has done, and all we get was a “but he was good to us.”
  • In my opinion, Senya has been one of the more fleshed out companions.  We know of her regrets with the children.  We know she was in love with Valkorion at one time.  We know she hunted Koth as a traitor to the throne.  And thanks to the ending of chapter 16, we know she still believes there is hope for the redemption of her children.  But I believe there is still more there to discover.
  • I would like to see some better interactions between characters and the return of their vanilla companions.  Some companions when they return have given a brief summary of what they’ve been up to for the last five years, but thats it.  In fact the common thread for most of these companions, is that five years ago, they thought the Outlander died, and that was it.  I know romancable companions that you marry mention looking for you, but again, thats it.  So I want to see more there.
  • I want to see more interactions with vanilla companions that were not apart of our crews.  I believe Kaliyo in her chapter is the only one that has her personality fleshed out enough.  Jorgan, Gault, Vette, and T7-01 don’t have enough interactions for a player to determine why they should be joining your new crew.  So I would like to see some more insight into these other companions.  Maybe some mentions regarding their former leader, as we are made very aware that while you become the Outlander, that there are still other heroes who disappeared 5 years ago.
  • I want to have some more interactions with the Star Fortress companions.  We helped them blow up a bunker and destroy/maim the Star Fortress over their planet, but then that’s it.  I think it would be cool, maybe as a [WEEKLY] where you are required to help them, maybe through the completion of a Heroic, or some other type of interaction.  This could even be tied into the Conquest stuff, as it could be supplies  they require.  But most importantly, I would like to see some more insight into the companions life.  Other than Arcann invading their world, what motivates them?  Why do they stick around?  Are they continuing to look for more recruits to the cause?

I realize some of these ideas would require some major time and costs to implement, particularly regarding voice acting.  Personally, I would be okay with the Bioware choice list and paragraphs of text to read.  But I do believe there is an audience out there hungering for this type of content.  We want to get to know these companions more, than what is being given through the story content.  We want to see all of our companions more in cutscenes and missions doing things.  These last few chapters if anything have shown we can have additional companions involved in missions, even if we cannot control them directly.

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Knights of the Fallen Empire Wrap-up

Going back to the analogy that Bioware was trying to use TV show cues in Knights of the Fallen Empire, season one was put together really well.  I’m not even mad that there were several loose ends, especially with major plots.  I do believe they will be mostly wrapped up in season 2, or be there for a longer term story arc.  Yes I’m seeing a season 3, 4, and 5 possibly.  So here’s just some thoughts regarding different things about KOTFE.

  1. Regarding Senya and her actions, going back to the cutscene on the Gravestone, and the one in the next chapter in the sewers, its easy to see that she still loves her children, and would do anything to help them see the error of their ways.  Senya blames herself for leaving when she did, and not trying harder to undo what Valkorion was doing to them.  You can even see this effect on the children, as Vaylin says something like, “you left us.  you left me…”  So it was no shock to me then to see Senya trying to save Arcann, believing that she could undo all of the harm that Valkorion did to him.  In fact, I used the conversations with Senya, and the final confrontation speech with Arcann to determine which option I picked, because for me, thats what made the most sense.
  2. Regarding Vaylin and her motivations, I think Valkorion did the most damage to her, whether intentionally or not.  Valkorion can sense Vaylin is very powerful, and yet, based on the Sacrifice trailer, he was more worried about training Thexan and Arcann as his heirs.  So Vaylin could definitely see this as a slight to her, and going back to the above sentence regarding Senya, she could have felt very alone and vulnerable.  So Vaylin starts building walls, and and learning her own manipulative techniques based on what she witnesses with Valkorion and her brothers.  The attack on the 5 worlds cutscene, watch how Vaylin manipulates that.  Plus there are several other key cutscenes, including chapter 16, where her manipulation of Arcann is what is driving the events that are taking place.
  3. In regards to SCORPIO, even taking in the meta regarding how an Imperial Agent discovers her, and what the Star Cabal was using her for, her “training” of Vaylin has me a little perplexed as to a final resolution.  I can use the above statements to extrapolate that maybe SCORPIO has some insight into Vaylin’s upbringing and what little affection was shown to her from Valkorion.  Given what we see of Arcann and his actions, it may be possible that SCORPIO has an understanding that it was Vaylin pulling those strings.  But even with all the possibilities, SCORPIO’s motivations going forward are a bit puzzling.  Its definitely going to be interesting to see where this leads.
  4. I am perfectly okay with SCORPIO giving her “children” free-will, after all her whole story arc meta is this constant need to improve herself.  So when SCORPIO sees what is happening with the GEMINI droids, she makes a decision to help free them from what they’ve been programmed to do.  We see some of them leave, even receive a letter from someone claiming to see a GEMINI droid on Hoth.  However a bunch of the fleet stays, with SCORPIO as the one who controls them, not the Eternal Throne and the GEMINI Frequency.  With that being said, I am left wondering if there was an ulterior motive to this release.  Could SCORPIO be looking for who created her and the GEMINI droids, using the Eternal Fleet as a means to track them down?
  5. I have not seen the bad ending yet where the Gravestone is stolen.  However, I am hoping there is going to be some type of resolution for this event.  Because if there is not one planned, then it means the Gravestone is inconsequential to next season, and the mystery of who built it, as well as what is in the Dark Sanctuary is now loose ends with no resolve, and that would make me very angry.
  6. I’ve seen some comments regarding the maps used like in chapter 16, and as one commenter put it, “like rats through a maze.”  I can agree to a certain extinct the maps can make you feel a bit claustrophobic.  Its definitely a different feel than the vanilla starship maps.  Vanilla maps definitely had an advantage, and you could plan encounters and how to work on a group of enemies.  However, I do like some of the “ship guts” maps in KOTFE, because it does give a different feel to the map.  A perfect example of this, was the old 1984 mini-series “V” and “V: The Final Battle”, where the motherships were these clean craft from the exterior, but when Donovan and the others get into the heart of the ships, where the humans are being kept and such, its a darker feel.  I would love to see more of these types of maps in future content.  Oh look, here’s a vent, where does this go?  How will it help me to escape this pack of skytroopers, or angry Koth’s.

I know theres probably some things I’m leaving out, but these were some of the topics I wanted to get on paper first.

Overall, I am happy with the story and the possibilities of what Season Two has in store for us.  I know there is a Producer livestream tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to see if anything new is revealed, or if they give some hints as to what they were thinking behind some of the KOTFE story points.

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Character Profile: Nurithia


  • Human Female
  • Sith Warrior – Marauder (??)


Nurithia has been groomed for something more.  What that is unknown at this time.  Nurithia was born to Lord Vahm  and Lady Narthura, Sith lords who govern a small province on Ziost.  Nurithia’s Force sensitivity did not show up until her adolescent years, but her father took the time to make sure her swordsmanship and blade-work were on par with even the most skilled fighter, before sending her to the Sith Academy.

There are rumors that Darth Marr is looking for an apprentice, and its believed Nurithia is the likely candidate.  However, there are some members of the Dark Council who have been looking at Nurithia as a potential replacement for the current Emperors Wrath, Darth Kain’haru who has been off doing his own thing and not paying attention to the whims of the Dark Council.



Nurithia was originally created to finish up some Korriban and Dromund Kaas achievements.  However, I couldn’t delete her after getting the achievements, so she is currently not being used.

That being said, I do like the brief back story I came up with for her, and it does open a possibility for future enhancements.  For example, what if all of the above, minus the history part, is taking place in the weeks leading up to Vitiate destroying Ziost?  And Darth Marr IS looking for an apprentice, but the Alliance stuff has kept him busy from this search.

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