Project: Class Story Timeline

I have been wanting to put together an unofficial class story timeline for a couple of years now, not only as a way to track the different interactions between the class stories, but the characters within the stories.  Maybe this information will help someone with their fan-fiction, role-playing, or whatever.

This page will track what I am putting together, outlining it based on what class story the “event” or note is occurring in.  I will also be maintaining a link to every external source I am using, whether its official forums, reddit, or wiki.



  • At the end of the Prologue, when then Smuggler get their ship back and speak with Risha, she mentions that Nok Drayen has been “dead” at least 10 years, because people have been looking for the treasure that long.  She mentions she was 14 at the time, so she is currently 24 years old.
  • One of the friends Risha had during the time she was alone. was Vette.  She mentions they were acquainted on Nar Shaddaa.
  • After finding the treasure at the end of chapter 1, Nok Drayen dies.  Between the time he is revived and dies, a couple of days maybe, would he go off and join the Star Cabal, or even contact them to say he’s back?
  • During one of the chapter 3 missions, I believe it was on Voss, your contact mentions the Supreme Chancellor as a he, but by end of Corellia, Saresh has taken over
  • Heist of the Millenium items are never explained.  It could just be treasure, but is it possible to be links to other things in smuggler storyline, or other class storylines?
    • Unusual Electronics (Beemon Laboratories Prototype Auxiliary brain)
    • Crate of Schematics (Ekkar Armaments Disintegrator schematics)
    • Genetic Sample (Nova 13 Disease strain)
    • Ornate Container (Marn Hieroglyphs Utility Belt)
    • Droid Head (GO-TO Photoreceptor)
    • Skull (Skull of Canderous Ordo)
    • Tukata Corpse (Mutant Korriban Tu’Kata Brain)
    • Cold Storage Crate (Geonosian Queens Head)
    • Frozen Biomass Container (Preserved Skakoan Remains)
  • Theres a mention of something similar to Republic privateers in the Heist of the Millenium mission.  One of the Moff’s mentions petty criminals being recruited.


  • General Rakton, leader of Imperial forces on Corellia, is the main bad guy for the Troopers chapter 3, and is found in the Imperial owned Bastion.
  • Zareen, female Cathar, is the main boss on Hoth for Trooper.  She’s looking for the Umbra Encryptor.  Isn’t she involved in the Agents or Smugglers Hoth story?  Becomes the leader of the White Maw.


  • Chapter 2 for the Consular is dealing with the Rift Alliance, and Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus is involved with it.  During Chapter 3 when the Consular is dealing with the First Son, Janarus is assassinated and the Leontyne Saresh is promoted to Supreme Chancellor.
  • During a conversation with Qyzen, he is looking for information about Veneb.  Is this before or after Mako joins the Bounty Hunter.  I believe Braden is even mentioned in this conversation.
  • During a conversation with Doc, we learn that Kaliyo’s former employer Nem’ro the Hutt has come down with some strange disease.
  • Zenith entered the Balmorran resistance and trained under Grey Star.  Grey Star is the main assignment for the Imperial Agent while on Balmorra.
  • During one of the first conversations with Lt. Iresso, we learn he was under Jorgan while stationed on Ord Mantell.


  • When Lord Scourge joins the Jedi Knights crew, he is no longer the Emperor’s Wrath.
  • The Jedi Knight defeats Sel-makor on Voss in chapter 3.
  • Looking for exact point its mentioned, but the Star Cabal is said to have neutralized Tol Braga.
  • The Jedi Knight defeats the Emperor’s Voice, not the Emperor in chapter 3.


  • In chapter 3, the Imperial Agent is tracking down Hunter and the Star Cabal.  Nok Drayen is a member of the Star Cabal and seen in the cutscenes regarding the holo conference before the Agent heads to Voss.  Watcher Two says during these cutscenes, that the conference took place 6 months ago.  The cutscenes with Nok Drayen can be seen here.  Even if the transmission mentions things like Darth Baras, and the Children of the Emperor, doesn’t mean it has to be in the exact present.  The seeds for these other machinations could have been planted and plans determined from there.  Who is Senator Voralla?  representative Shuuru?  Commenor? Kolovish is present, isn’t she the matriarch of the Twi’lek refugees on Tython?
  • During Prologue on Hutta, Agent takes down Faa’thra, using faked documents to make it look like Republic was helping Faa’thra, especially with killing of one of Nem’ros men.
  • The Star Cabal conspiracy has been going on at least 800 years according to the First Tank Resident.  Megasecurity Ward 23 was meant to house these people the Star Cabal couldn’t kill, as well as the SCORPIO artificial intelligence, and advanced technology they couldn’t unleash on the galaxy, such as micro-droids.  The First Tank Resident mentions overseeing SCORPIO’s construction, which could have been as early as 800 years ago.  Based on details from KotFE, it sounds like some of the advanced tech the Star Cabal had, could have been the Luminous Engine.
  • Tytun Ring storage facility created centuries ago to listen and store communications on the holonet.  No one sure who created it.  Possibly a Hutt or Alderanian noble.
  • Keeper mentions the holorecording Cipher Nine is looking for, is on a fighter from the battle of Druckenwall.  When was this battle?  Its mentioned somewhere else…


  • During Prologue on Hutta, Nem’ro and Faa’thra are battling for control of Jiguuna and the surrounding area.
  • At the end of the Alderaan missions, the assistant mentions that your rival for Alderaan was found dead several weeks ago.  So several (#?) weeks have passed since the grand melee and the Great Hunt’s start.
  • Late in Torian’s story, asked by Corridan Ordo to come on a mission to kill a senator at the Baliss estate on Alderaan.
  • Hylo Visz was put into stasis by Zale Barrows (BH Belsavis boss), sometime after the breaking of the Mandalorian blockade.  Gault helps her escape Belsavis.



  • During Lt. Pierce’s personal storyline, he is contacted by General Rakton, leader of Imperial forces on Corellia, and asked to take down the Republics Bastion fortress.
  • Darth Baras traps the current Emperor’s Voice on Voss.
  • During the Voss part of chapter 3, Sith Warrior helps to release the Emperor’s Voice from Sel-makor.
  • There’s a mail after chapter 3, that explains the Jedi Knight killed the new Emperor’s Voice around the same time the Sith Warrior was fighting Darth Baras.


  • According to Leontyne Saresh’s Wookiepedia entry, the Empire takes over Taris in 3642, Saresh escapes back to the Republic.  It then mentions that by 3641, she has a enough clout to become the new Supreme Chancellor.

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