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New Feature: Design Your Stronghold

I don’t know if anyone has truly fleshed out something like what I am about to propose.  I know that there has been some really cool mock ups of different peoples ideas of future strongholds, like the really cool Manaan … Continue reading

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Stronghold Decoration Ideas #4

Once again, some more stronghold decoration ideas and thoughts. To begin, this thread on the Strongholds forum is asking for either a large personal starship or a space station as a new stronghold.  The reasoning is sound, because several of … Continue reading

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Stronghold Decoration Ideas #3

Hey Bioware, here are some more ideas for things that are in the game, that we would like to see as decorations for our strongholds.  A quick shout out though:  again thank you for the Rakata stuff that can be … Continue reading

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SWTOR Strongholds — Decoration Ideas #1

Since the release of the Galactic Strongholds update last year, I have been on the lookout for things that I would like to see made into decorations.  For me, the little things that make up the places we visit while … Continue reading

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