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Could Legacy Changes Have Been Made In 5.0

[Note:  I was originally going to post this a month before KOTET was released, but actually ran out of good ideas for additional unlocks.  So I wasn’t sure I wanted to post it then.  However, even if its a short … Continue reading

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New Feature: Design Your Stronghold

I don’t know if anyone has truly fleshed out something like what I am about to propose.  I know that there has been some really cool mock ups of different peoples ideas of future strongholds, like the really cool Manaan … Continue reading

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SWTOR Strongholds — Decoration Ideas #2

So with some of the recent leveling and what not, I’ve accumulated a few more decoration ideas that have existing assets in the game. Computer terminal found on the Agent’s ship   Another computer found on the Agent’s ship   … Continue reading

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