Sith Academy – Dromund Kaas Stronghold

To go along with the Jedi Academy stronghold, I also created a Sith Academy stronghold using the Dromund Kaas stronghold.

Taelitha’s Sith Academy – Star Forge


Unlike the Jedi Academy stronghold, the Sith Academy stronghold is a much more sterile place, with the only plants being available on the balcony.  I wanted the entrance to convey that “no nonsense” type of feel, that I would expect from most Sith schools.


This is the main room for learning combat and Sith sorcery techniques.  I’ve substituted in the meditating padawans because there is no Sith equivalent yet.  I do like the Sith Pureblood Female decorations as instructors though.


This is the primary room to learn of Sith and Imperial history.  I would really love at some point to have either paintings or some other wall decoration depicting the ancient Sith lords like Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, and Tulak Hord.



I’m not that happy with how the barracks area turned out, primarily because I didn’t have enough of the Sith bunk beds to go around.  Unlike the Jedi Academy stronghold, I wanted this stronghold to be a place where the Sith students and masters could come and learn for a long period of time.


While this does look like more of an audience chamber, it was intended more as like a place where students could be anointed as new Sith lords and such by the head of the Academy.



This is a sort of council chamber, where the instructors can come and discuss Academy matters.


This is Sith holocron archive for this Academy.  Students and instructors can come here to access the secrets of ancient holocrons or learn how to make their own.


I wanted this to be a place where special lightsabers were built at this academy.  One of the things I remember from the “Designing the Dark Side” Dev Dispatch from before launch, was that they wanted some lightsabers for dark side NPC’s and characters to have some flavor to them.  So a lightsaber might have Sith lightning trapped in it for example.  This would be the place where those types of lightsabers could be created.


And finally, the balcony.  Again, the students are here to learn, so having a place where they could relax was not something that was designed in.  Additionally, lightsaber combat drills can be done out here, with the occasional student being Force Pushed off the balcony to their doom.


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