Umbara Stronghold

So when the announcement was made of a moving train as the newest stronghold for SWTOR, I was interested to see what Bioware was going to create.  After seeing a walk through of what it would look like, I had an idea of what I could do, even if the idea itself may not be unique.

So I just kept with the theme of hauling supplies, and went about decorating the way I thought it would look cool.

A video walkthrough of this stronghold can be found here.

I decorated the half of the first car as a mobile medical area, capable of transporting wounded individuals to better equipped hospitals.  I also added my basic needs area here, since its the first area you are transported to.

The next train car I decorated as an operations center, capable of monitoring stuff that is happening on the planet or in orbit.  However, I may be moving this one further up the train at some point.  I failed to notice some background decorations that could make an area like this cooler.


The next area is one of the first cargo flat bed areas, and I just added some cargo containers to it.


This is a shot on top of the train looking towards the back of the train.  Once the additional strongholds are added, and they are all used for the conquest bonus, I will be removing most of the cargo containers from the top of the train, as they really don’t make any sense being up there.  At the very back on the starship hook, I believe I have the Alliance fighter decoration, and not the Koth’s Shuttle one.

On the next hauler car, the one with the sides, I have more storage containers.  Lots of food, medical supplies, and other things required to keep the Alliance going.


The next car is used for transporting troops to different parts of the planet.


The next flat bed train car is decorated with more storage containers.


This is a view on top of the train, looking towards the front.  Again, I plan on removing the storage containers from the top, once the shared conquest bonus is implemented.


While this car currently has storage containers in it, this is the one I was thinking of moving the operations center to, as you can see in the middle of the walls, what appears to be data units built into the side.


The final flat bed car on the train has you guessed it, more storage containers.  However, as you can see from the picture, there is clipping for any decorations placed on the outside, if the hook layout is changed from the default centerpiece style.


And finally, the last area which only has some single hooks available, so I put some personnel down.

Overall, I like this stronghold for its uniqueness, and I actually do like the train track sounds that accompany the area.  However, there are some hook placement issues that hinder what could be a really cool area, although it doesn’t suffer as bad as the Manaan stronghold.


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